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Dr. Ginger Swanson

Dr. Ginger Swanson holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and is a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist. She is also a retreat and workshop host, planner and guide.


Private Practice:

Dr. Swanson sees clients for private hypnotherapy sessions across the country (in person, on the phone, or on-line). Rates are $150 per hour session. Introductory calls are free.


Retreat Host and Guide:

Dr. Ginger is the founder of Asarum Retreats in Santa Barbara, California, where she hosts and guides private individual and small group retreats.

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About my services. . .

I provide a safe and caring relationship. With trust as our foundation, together we explore what is calling for clarity, change, or comfort.


I help you to identify and disengage from old destructive patterns, habits, and beliefs. I also help you to find and anchor new ways of being your authentic and joyful self in the world. If we are in harmony with ourselves we are much better equipped to foster healthy relationships with others. I help you get beneath sadness, guilt, and shame to feeling honor, respect, and love--starting with yourself.


I work with a Jungian lens. I have studied depth psychology, shamanism, dreamwork and hypnosis extensively. Exploring the realms of the unconscious is my specialty. I help you bring that which lies buried in the unconscious to consciousness, where healing happens.


If you are facing the need to change and can't quite bring yourself to the place you want to go, give me an call and let's work together to help you free your spirit and realize your dreams.


My office is located in Santa Barbara, California. I work with clients across the country and abroad, and am available to work with you in person, on the phone, or on-line. Call me today!


Dr. Ginger


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